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Pima Heart and Vascular is proud to announce that Dr. Luis Leon, Vascular Surgeon for Pima Heart and Vascular, has become the second physician in the world to successfully perform a human transplantation of an IBS Titan™ stent in our new Vascular Suite.

“At Pima Heart and Vascular we take pride in continually being on the cutting edge of innovation and advancement in treatment options for our cardiovascular patients. Being able to serve a population of patients with new technology that has been so desperately needed for peripheral arterial disease is truly an honor.”  – Jennifer Clark, PA-C, Vascular Services Director of Pima Heart and Vascular.

The IBS Titan™ iron alloy bioabsorbable peripheral stent system can be used to improve artery ​arterial blood flow in patients who need ​ ​revascularization below the knee. It is the world’s first fully degradable stent made of iron-based bioabsorbable material. The stent has the thinnest strut thickness and comprehensive specifications (its length can reach to 118mm), and it can treat stenotic lesions with the length <200mm by stents connecting.

The novel device could greatly increase the patency rate of the sub-popliteal artery. Compared with the permanent stents, IBS Titan™ is bioabsorbable, it will not restrict the treatment of restenosis after the stent implantation.

“Restoring blood flow below the knee is challenging because of the small size of the arteries and the high tendency for blockages to recur in that area, therefore the options are limited. Stents have been used in this area before with low success.  The option of a bioabsorbable drug-eluding stent for these types of lesions gives patients an alternative for therapy that has not been available so far. I am honored and excited to be a part of it.” – Luis Leon, MD

“We are extremely proud of our physicians and their ongoing dedication to innovation and growth. It’s truly amazing to see what our physicians do each day that contributes to the transformation of healthcare.”- Claudia Rasnake, CEO of Pima Heart and Vascular.