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Tiffany has been with Pima Heart & Vascular for three and a half years. She is a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant and moved to Arizona in May of 2018. “I’ve been in the medical field for nineteen years and it has been an amazing journey. I truly LOVE the career path I’ve chosen.”

How would you describe your time at Pima Heart & Vascular?

“I truly enjoy and love working for Pima Heart & Vascular. The Doctors are great and my co-workers are awesome to work with.”

If you could choose any other career, what would you do?

“I would continue my journey in the healthcare field.”

Anything else you would like to share with your Pima Heart & Vascular family?

“I enjoy poetry, music, travel, movies, yoga, meditating and helping others in any way that I can be of service.”

“Thank you so much for the nomination. I am truly grateful!”