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“I definitely nominate Lorraine Rojas. She is the lead at THC and she is exceptional with patients and staff. She’s always a team player, positive about everything and loves her job!”

Lorraine is the Clinic Office Lead at The Heart Center and has been with Pima Heart & Vascular for twenty years. She started out at NWO as a primary with Dr. Hoover for 7 years, then moved to the first traveling clinical float. She then moved on to Dr. Ramirez team as a TECH, and then became a primary with Dr. Morales/Mary Ruehl NP. As of November of last year, Lorraine became a master trainer shortly after becoming a Clinical Office

lead at THC.

How would you describe your time at Pima Heart & Vascular?

“Over the past 20 years I have grown up here and I loved all the knowledge/and experience that I gained over the years. It brings me joy that I am now able to share my knowledge/and experience with my team.”

If you could choose any other career, what would you do?

“I would like to one day move up in leadership to continue to grow my knowledge. I also see myself always willing to help with training in other departments within PHV or even outside where is needed.”

Anything else you would like to share with your Pima Heart & Vascular family?

“I enjoy dancing, Softball, and I love being outdoors with family and traveling.”