It is a priority to create a safe and secure environment for patients, physicians, and our staff. We have implemented the following measures to mitigate exposure and reduce the potential spread of this virus within our environment and our community while continuing to address our responsibilities to ensure the best possible care.

  1. Telemedicine: All patients with office visits that do not require on-site testing are encouraged to utilize telehealth visits with their physician if they have the technology to do so. A dedicated telehealth voicemail is available for improved access to scheduling at (520) 838-2156.
  2. Masks: Universal masking is required for all providers, staff and patients at each site.
  3. Patient waiting: We have opened our lobbies and moved seating around to practice social distancing. Patients are given the option to wait in their cars or outside until we are ready to room them. Several of our locations have paging systems in place to call patients to the lobby when we are ready to bring them back to a room to see the provider.
  4. Sanitation measures: All surfaces that patients are in contact with are sanitized between every patient. This includes, but is not limited to doorknobs, counters, keyboards in exam rooms, exam beds, chairs, pens, etc. All staff work areas are sanitized frequently. It is mandatory for clinical staff to wash hands between every patient.